Clay Stephens



Living at the water’s edge, surrounded by the natural beauty, rich color palette and tranquility of Florida and by visits to the Caribbean Islands, Clay Stephens’ intuitive painting process begins with the application of color washes—without any pre-determination about subject or composition. Memories of sunlight coming through the waters and lighting the coral reefs, glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling… the moods and scents of the Bahamas, the distant rhythm of steel drums… Caribbean Seas and the night sky… all are active when he is immersed in creative expression.  “I start to see something in it that reminds me of something I have seen or experienced… and I play off that. I let the movement, energy and passion of color guide me to create a sense of time and place… a feeling of mystery… and magic.”

Lives and works in Cocoa, Florida.

Clay Stephens in studio