Jacquilyn Eusanio


Artist’s Statement

“My desire as an artist is to express to others my zest for life and to bring joy when people look at my paintings.”


Eusanio is cancer survivor whose joie de vivre and creative energy now springs directly from an experience of being confronted with her mortality. She is an intuitive painter in the ”naive” genre. A self-taught artist whose act of painting is her “happy place”, Eusanio is a creative spirit who has had the personal opportunity to learn that ‘we are all on borrowed time’. Now connected with deeper insights, she expresses her vision directly in her emotional paintings with titles such as “Circle of Life”, “Sunshine” and “Serenity” that contain overt and symbolic representations of natural beauty and occasional symbols of the Holy Spirit. Alternating between visions of colorful exuberance and grisaille sobriety, she creates paintings to showcase the vibrancy of life that we inevitably take for granted.

Lives and works in Cape Canaveral, Florida