Maria Claudia Rivadeneira


Artist’s Statement

“My artworks are an expression of the feminine, of the subtle, of a world of dreams and memories from my soul. They are love stories told through unique, complex and layered geometries. They are stories woven with real and abstract emotions. They can be calm, spontaneous and poetic or dramatic and broken, capturing the fragility of our human experience; questioning who we are and how we can weave delicate seams that restore our souls and creatively find new ways of loving ourselves.”


Exhibitions – Individual
2020 Intangible, ACA Raw Space Vero beach, FL.
2019 Moments of Fondness, Galleria of Pierce Harbour, Fort Pierce, FL.

Exhibitions – Collective
2022 Group Show, Big Art Now gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida
2022 The Body Language, Venice, Italy
2021 Fig Bilbao International, Bilbao, Spain
2021 Ruta de los Puentes. Art House Santander, ACA, Santander, Spain
2021 Stories and Reflections, ACA Raw Space Vero beach, Florida
2019 In Her Image, Elliot museum, Stuart. Florida
2019 Fig Bilbao International, Bilbao Spain.
2019 Reflections 2019 collaboration, Platts, Backus House, Ft. Pierce. Florida
2019 Artist and Charities, Hand in Hand. West Palm Beach . Florida
2019 Summer collective show, ACA Raw Space Vero Beach, Florida
2019 Arts Extravaganza, ACA Raw Space Vero Beach, Florida


Born in Bogota, Colombia, lives and works in Florida.